Workload migration from traditional data warehouse to Hadoop for Multinational Retail Chain

Retail Chain


The client is multinational U.S. based retail chain company. They have implemented Teradata Data warehouse. Costing for Teradata warehouse was in millions of dollars every year.So they were looking to optimize the Teradata warehouse and ensuring that its analytical applications are using the most appropriate data platforms.They wanted to migrate batch applications and ad-hoc uses that consume expensive Teradata cycles to Hadoop/ Hive.


The client has multiple retail shops in different cities so huge data collected across geographical locations. So the client wanted to identify and migrate the batch and ad-hoc workload from Teradata to Hadoop or other systems.

The client needed a solution that integrates the following:
  • Batch migration includes ingestion of dependent datasets from true source, building batch jobs, rollout, upload manufactured data to target systems, data validation, warranty support and production hand-off.
  • Ad-hoc migration includes establishing access patterns, ingestion of dependent datasets from true source, query conversion including conversion of Teradata specific operators to the target systems and user-training assistance.

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