Promenna successfully implements Data Warehouse & Visual Analytics for United Arab Bank

Dubai, United Arab Emirates; 26 February 2018:

Promenna, the wholly-owned subsidiary of The Annet Group, has successfully implemented a data warehouse project for United Arab Bank P.J.S.C. a leading bank for a growing commercial and industrial base across United Arab Emirates. The solution was specifically designed to suit UAB's needs which will allow the bank to streamline information gathering, data transformation and analysis of data for insights and action.

The bank said in a statement that for the next decade, data is going to drive business from the way it sells, manages risk & finances, operates, audits, reports and interact with customers, to the way it creates products and formulates pricing strategies. UAB added that the implementation will allow it to have complete visibility, accurate identification of customer needs and behaviors and will provide the bank’s management with granular analytics.

Commenting on the project, Izzidin Abusalameh, Chief Operating Officer, United Arab Bank, said: "With the introduction of the new central data warehouse, units will now be able to make proactive and informed decisions. UAB will be able to leverage these highly executable analytics to effectively meet customers' needs at a much faster pace than ever before. The Promenna team has done a great job and exceeded all expectations in terms of the quality and speed of delivery.”

Commenting on the project, Kartik Iyer, Manager, BI & Data Analytics at UAB who successfully led the project said: "With completion of the project, data across multiple, diverse applications will be integrated into one place, giving us a unified view. The end-to-end solution will automate processes from data preparation to access, allowing management to have enhanced visibility on its operations.

Pinkesh Shroff, the Vice President of Promenna, who is overseeing the project, said: "We have successfully completed the project in record time. The business data warehouse solution will help the bank to gain new insights that could not have been explored before, in order to better understand the market and improve decision-making processes.”

Following the vision of adopting an innovative banking approach, United Arab Bank relies on the best of breed technology; namely Informatica for data integration, Tableau as the visual analytics platform and a data warehouse analytics solution from IBM to guarantee the successful implementation of the project.