Multilingual and Interactive Content Management System for a Governmental Entity

Government Entity


The client is a Government Entity that conducts surveys and census to provide statistical information on a number of parameters. The statistics include, but is not limited to, Religion, Education, Security, Health, Culture, Clubs, Social, Parks, People Census.


The client is a Governmental entity that specializes in providing statistical information on Religion, Education, Security, Health, Culture, Clubs, Social, Parks, and People Census. The client conducts the surveys and census using varied techniques, like online data collection and door-to-door contact.

This information is maintained in a comprehensible manner. The information can be fetched for the Country, Region, and Sub-Region. The data collected is also divided by the category, and sub categories.

The client required a public facing website that would present this information in an interactive manner.

The system required to integrate:
  • Multilingual interface
  • Responsive for all Devices
  • Integration with the Client’s System for the Statistics
  • Announcements and News

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