Multilingual and Interactive Content Management System for a Government Aviation Entity

Government - Aviation


The client is a Government Department of Civil Aviation. The Department focuses on promotion of tourism and industry. The Department has spearheaded the development of Free Trade Zones which facilitates Trading, Consultancy, Manufacturing, and Warehousing.


The client provides information on the Department of Civil Aviation and helps its customers to obtain the necessary Permissions, Licenses, and Passes to conduct their services.

The client used traditional approach to provide these services which were time consuming and cumbersome to maintain. The client required a website that would interface with the general public and customers.

For the general public, the website would act as an information database. For the customers interested in obtaining Permissions, Licenses, and Passes, the website would provide them the required forms. These forms would then be received by the appropriate Departmental users for further processing.

The system required to integrate:
  • Multilingual interface
  • User Roles
  • Public Website

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