Contact Report Portal for a Leading Global Automotive Company

Global Automotive


The client is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. The client has a dealership network of over 19,000 globally that have sold more than 10 million vehicles. The company provides support to all dealers and helps them to access tools, applications and timely information that the dealership needs to do business with the client.


The client checks the progress of dealers in providing top service to the client’s customers. The dealers are given support and trainings to overcome any problems that they may face in providing excellent services to the customers. The client also checks the progress of the dealers in timely intervals.

To check the dealer progress, the dealers are batched under a company personnel based on the location of the dealer. These personnel travel to the dealership and access its status on various parameters. The most used parameters include Sales Performance, Inventory, Sales Opportunities, Trainings, Customer Care, SWOT Analysis, and more.

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