Salesforce is the global leader in enterprise cloud computing. Built as a customer centric model, Salesforce helps companies to connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways. Due to its multi-tenant architecture, all of it comes with low cost, low risk, and fast results.

With over many projects executed, knowledge of best practices across various industries & a strong consulting team to understand you better, we integrate Salesforce with your processes seamlessly and provide continued support. We have an outstanding team of architects, developers, consultants and administrators who can customize Salesforce to meet your needs.

Services we Offer:

  • Consulting

We have worked with clients to provide top-notch CRM solutions which keep their system alive and stable. We concentrate on the problems you wish to overcome and help to:

  • Define your CRM vision and road-map
  • Develop an extensive business case with measurable objectives
  • Device the entire life cycle of project roll-out
  • Deliver continuous support post implementation
  • Drive user adoption through an unbeatable user experience

In order to achieve the fastest ROI, we help companies cut on-boarding times, embed training and documentation in the delivered pages itself and seize control of critical communications to drive new levels of adoption by enhancing the user experience. comes with excellent features to help various stake holders along the sales structure.

  • Implementation:

Promenna’s value proposition

  • Leverage Our Delivery Model for a faster, more cost efficient deployment
  • Leverage’s flexibility and implementation methodology to deliver enterprise scale agile CRM in minimal time
  • Leverage Promenna’s strong knowledge to deploy industry specific solutions through customization or through AppExchange Marketplace.


We blend extensive platform knowledge with relevant industry experience and drive implementations that help organizations of all sizes derive insight and intelligence from their data and technology investments. Our exceptional team of developers, technical architects and product support specialists have years of experience in Salesforce cloud platforms and APIs. They can seamlessly extend the platform according to business needs


  • Application Integration:

Most traffic on the Salesforce Platform is system-to-system integration, making it the most trusted and successful API platform in the market. The Salesforce Platform dramatically reduces the effort and time to integrate with either on-premises applications including: Microsoft, Oracle, SAP or devices like mobile phones & tablets or other third-party solutions and external cloud services such as: Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google AppEngine and Twitter.

We also offer federated SSO framework for seamless authentication against a client’s identity provider and customer portal integration with CRM. Our integration expertise spans all layers of a typical application including data, business logic, presentation and security layers. Through our accelerator, we link Salesforce-Google analytics to analyze web traffic related data and capture it as leads on SF environment based on real parameters.

Promenna excels in data and application integration proven by a long track-record of successful projects. We solve even the most complex integration headaches owing to in-depth expertise of certified developers on world-class integration platforms.


  • com Deployment: is also known to be the leading PaaS provider. One of the primary strengths of this CRM is the ability for a business user to perform administration and simple process automation tasks easily. platform is very powerful, serving over 200 million transactions daily, with an average response time under 1/3 of a second.

We continue to deliver solutions for our clients in the following areas:

  • Apex, Visual force and development
  • Build Apps for the appexchange
  • Mobile & Tablet integrations with offline data support
  • End-to-End Salesforce implementation & support
  • We can help you implement, build, train or extend your SF investment.


  • Support:

We provide complete technical and production support services on Salesforce platform with strict SLAs and separate teams – both onsite and offshore as per your requirement. Our support services include – Administrator support, Production support, Reports, Dashboards, Data management and user training. Also, data redundancy and duplicity must be avoided to leverage maximum benefits from any software system.