eFront offers the industry’s most mature, functionally rich, technically advanced, and integrated alternative investment software solutions.eFront offers comprehensive software solutions for managing alternative investment operations. Organizations investing in various alternative asset classes use eFront solutions to manage their investment and fund management businesses.eFront solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of:

  • General Partners
  • Limited Partners
  • Family Offices, Pension Funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Fund Administrators
  • Fund of Funds


Promenna has worked with financial sectors to provide post implementation support for eFront. The following are services that Promenna offers:

  • Custom Report Development

eFront provides a set of decision-making and reporting solutions. The entire reporting chain is automated: from external databases, MS Excel files, or already existing eFront databases, through to final production: reports in different formats (WORD, EXCEL, PDF, HTML). Dashboards and charts can be shared with other users and can be easily printed or exported to Excel and PDF for inclusion in memos, presentations and reports.Reports can be developed using the following tools – Dashboard, FrontScript, FrontExcel, Notices.

  • Configuration Management

Promenna can assist in providing configuration support. This includes:

  • Managing User (adding, deleting, modifying),
  • Managing User Groups,
  • Creating User Roles and Assigning Users to the required Group.
  • Managing Permissions of users and regions.
  • Creating Menus and assigning required Dashboards and FrontReports.


  • Customizing UI and Workflows
    • Adding / Modifying default fields on the form.
    • Adding Validations for the form fields.
    • Customizing Search result grid.
    • Adding custom fields as per business needs.
    • Adding / Modifying lookup values (drop-down list).
    • Setting up mandatory fields.
    • Setting up different sections / panels to organize fields with required headers.
    • Setting up workflow to iterate through different stages of the respective process.
    • Configuring steps under each workflow to perform certain tasks before workflow can move to next stage.
    • Configuring workflow UI to show different colors for each stage of the workflow.


  • Setup Sandbox Environment

Promenna can assist in Setting up sandbox server environment (with provided codebase and database) from scratch, using the eFront FrontAdmin.exe tool.


  • Data Migration
    • Promenna can assist in migrating data to and from eFront.
    • Assist in importing data from a legacy application or Line of Business Application to eFront.
    • Assist in exporting data from eFront to legacy application or Line of Business Application.