Promenna with its wide ranging Salesforce Expertise is an Excellent Salesforce Consulting & Development Partner to meet your entire gamut of Salesforce Implementation, Development, Customization, Integration and Support needs. With an Effective team of Experienced and Certified Salesforce Developers, Administrators and Architects available at onshore and offshore, we make Salesforce Implementation Simple, Less time-consuming and comparatively Cost-Effective for our Partners.


Services we Offer:

Salesforce Development & customization

Promenna’s Salesforce team members are differentiated by their unique combination of deep Apex and Visualforce development skills along with seasoned business analysis experience. We know when to innovate and when not to try to reinvent the wheel i.e. when to custom develop to realize the full potential of Salesforce and how best to use Salesforce’s established features.

With several man-years of experience developing custom features for standard Salesforce applications, we are experts in developing custom business solutions that are secure, faster to market, at lower costs and flexible.

Salesforce Integration

Promenna’s Salesforce team can help enterprises integrate their Salesforce systems to other cloud/on-premise applications using both cloud APIs and middleware. Post thorough need assessment, customised integration architecture is devised and then implemented through the following steps:

  • Design and development of cloud API or middleware-based integrations
  • Deployment of the integrations
  • Testing of the Integrations
  • Monitoring and managing the integrations
  • Enhancing integrations as required


Salesforce Support & Data Management

Promenna is vastly experienced and hence well-equipped to undertake even complex support Salesforce projects. We also offer data management services including data extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, standardization, validation and import into Salesforce.

Salesforce Mobile App Development

Combine the powers of the platform with the ubiquitous presence that the mobile technology brings. We empower you with a seamless, scalable, and secure mobile ecosystem for your business sponsors, field executives, distributed employees, and partners.