Natural Language Analytics

Natural Language Analytics

Our Voice Analytics platform uses a new approach to analytics than the traditional Business Intelligence platform. You can explore data from disparate data sources using your natural language. Just speak or enter your queries in a search box to get attractive dashboards, share reports and take high level business decisions instant visual answers.



  • Voice based system

Our Voice Based framework is tuned to respond to any questions requested based on the data available within the datawarehouse solution. The framework is designed to convert voice to text and query the available data to match and respond the best possible match.


  • Data Security and User Authentications

You can define levels of access to users and groups. The platform can identify the user roles and display the relevant data.


  • Integrate with your existing BI solution

The platform can easily integrate with your existing Business Intelligence solution and can provide the required analytics capability.


The Voice Analytics System that we have developed for one of our esteemed customer has won the 2016 Elite 100 and CIO100 awards.