Big Data

Big Data

Promenna automates the process of converting large amount of disparate and complex data into a user-ready business model and data store. This empowers analysts and business owners to easily analyze, visualize and report data across various sources without relying on IT. We gather data from multiple sources like large data warehouses, web clickstreams and social media to build a 360 degree view of a business.


Promenna supports many leading Big Data sources. Our sole aim is to transform your complex data sets into intuitive & effective reports, dashboards and visualizations with the help of big data analytic services so that business owners can have insights into their businesses.

Promenna as a Big Data company tackles data assortment, transformation & modeling to give analysis power in the business users’ hands.


Services we offer

Consultancy Services:

  • Due Diligence on Big Data drivers for enterprise
  • Recommendation of relevant analytics that benefit business
  • Direction on the technical architecture

Implementation Services

  • Installation and administration of Hadoop
  • Design and development on Hadoop technologies
  • MapReduce ETL (Extract, transform, load) jobs

Support and Operations

  • Knowledge Transition
  • Process Documentation
  • Major and Minor Enhancements
  • Production Support
  • Support Performance Metrics