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SharePoint Services

Promenna has been instrumental in providing architectural guidance, support and development of the solutions using SharePoint since more than 8 years. We have created diverse solutions, right from defining Workflows to developing Management solutions including Strategic systems, Intranet, HR, Accounting, Ecommerce websites, Enterprise Portals, Interconnected Dashboards, and more. We have integrated legacy systems and evolved […]

Engage and inform your organization

Our SharePoint based Intranet solution automates your internal workflows empowering your employees to take the required actions without the need of taking the time consuming permissions or the seemingly endless to and fro of emails. Using SharePoint, you can automate Time Tracking, Expense Workflows, Ticket Management, Training Management, Learning Management Systems (LMS), and more.

An attractive website presence

Our SharePoint based solutions use the latest industry proven design principles with easy usability. The proven architecture of SharePoint leads to a speedy and responsive website. Our SharePoint solutions are scalable from an Intranet Portal to an Enterprise Portal.

Simple sharing and seamless collaboration

Our SharePoint solution cuts through the clutter of keeping increasingly difficult communication channels between different teams in your organisation. You can now have a central solution that your different teams can use to coordinate tasks between them. For example, a simple employee request of travelling across your own different office locations would require the coordination […]

Enterprise Portals

Enterprises often are burdened by the use of legacy systems coupled with the necessity of modernization. Our SharePoint solution collates data from numerous sources and provides secure, consistent, well-organized, detailed information which aids in setting goals and priorities.

Migration / upgrade planning

SharePoint provides a better return on investment with its long support window and robust performance. But with newer security risks always cropping up it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint before the security window closes. Newer SharePoint versions come with a vast number of new features and capabilities. Promenna provides the […]

Usability planning and user interface design

Our SharePoint solutions can run on multiple display technologies and display sizes. With more and more users wanting to access their favorite websites and services on the go and on portable devices, our SharePoint solutions use adaptive web design based on flexible layouts that provide a speedy and responsive experience.

Transform business processes

Promenna’s SharePoint service helps you to make your work easier and smarter as well as save costs. We study your business process and according to the requirements propose the necessary customization. Our SharePoint services increases your productivity, removes inefficiencies, reduce costs, and improve the quality of your services.

About Us

Promenna, an Annet group Initiative, is a progressive global business and technology solution partner to large, medium, and small corporations, as well as public sector enterprises. We tailor our solutions to create optimal, up-to-date business, technology, data and service processes for our customers, with an emphasis on efficient, economical, co-sourced collaboration. Promenna has successfully delivered […]

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Here at Promenna, we are committed to creating value for our clients and our people. We will continuously strive for excellence in integrity, quality of results, performance, and second to none work ethic. We will always surpass our competition and our clients’ expectations. We will create a team environment that fosters lifelong friendships and partnerships. […]